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“I trust Lifecycle IT completely”

For the consulting company BusinessNow, it is a matter of course that the employees' main tool - the IT equipment, must be sustainable from all points of view. However, ensuring the quality of your supplier requires time. Here, Åsa Hägglund, business manager for BusinessNow Sweden, talks about how she views IT solutions and the collaboration with Lifecycle IT.

Åsa Hägglund, Business manager BusinessNow Sweden

BusinessNow is a Nordic consulting company that supports companies during the digitalization journey by streamlining and automating processes. Åsa Hägglund has worked in the IT industry for over twenty years and during January 2020, she took on the role of business manager for BusinessNow Sweden. She describes that the entire business is permeated by active work with environmental issues, they constantly try to choose the smartest way - whether it comes to transport or IT solutions.

– All companies need to work in an environmentally friendly, efficient, and customer-focused manner. In today's world, we are one hundred percent IT-dependent and IT must work seamlessly for our employees to be able to perform their tasks. This makes it a matter of course for us to choose sustainable equipment that is also recycled in the right way. To be classified as a sustainable solution, the hardware needs to be both environmentally friendly and meet the requirements that exist internally for the right performance and functions

- so that it lasts for the work during its lifetime.

Finding a qualified supplier

Åsa has previously worked in large groups that have had prepared processes for procurements and agreements with suppliers. When she then started at BusinessNow, she experienced that smaller customers needed to do much of the work on their own when shopping at giants:

- You are faced with a number of different choices that you need to control, which requires a lot of time if purchasing hardware does not belong to your area of ​​expertise. For me, it is important that there is a focus on meeting me as a customer. I want the reseller to compare different suppliers for me and can guarantee that I get the right product at the right price and with a high level of service adapted to current IT policy.

When Lifecycle IT started up, Åsa chose to hire them and hand over the responsibility for product supply of IT equipment, which includes everything from screens and headphones to computers. As soon as Åsa needs new hardware for her employees, she calls for advice on environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternatives - and she feels confident that Lifecycle IT will be responsible for ensuring that everything is managed in accordance with policy.

- I trust Lifecycle IT completely. They are responsive to our needs and provide feedback with various suggestions. Should we not be satisfied, they will look further or announce when the desired product will be available. Then they make sure that the delivery is lightning fast.

Belief in the future

BusinessNow is in a growth phase and is facing an exciting time in the next few years with the goal of doubling its workforce and gaining larger market shares. Åsa is positive about letting Lifecycle IT be part of the journey:

- As long as I can decide, I will not replace them. Lifecycle IT goes the extra mile required to get the customer satisfied.

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